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I’m back!




So, I’ve made a card!  Finally!  I just couldn’t get into lately but after receiving a shipment from Stampin Up!  I was hooked again!




give away from plaid barn


I love the Plaid Barn deals each day.  Some would say I’m addicted!  They are giving away a Fujifilm INSTAX MINI 7S Camera and Film Kit.  head over to their site and register!

Pinterest Fun –


First – Ooey gooey goodness – Yum!  They are wonderful.  Here is the original link and picture of mine!

So this was a huge success!  Just know they are rich!  Everyone enjoyed them!

I made 5 or 6 pinterest recipes this weekend – they were all delicious!  Some didn’t even make it to picture time!  Stay tuned for more good stuff!

My pinterest fun…


No pictures of cards just yet.  I have to dig the camera out and snap away!

But I’ve been having fun on pinterest lately.  Of course I pin my cards and such hoping it will draw someone back here.

I have a long list of stuff to try with the girls group at church – I’m thinking a pinterest party with moms too –

Anyway tonight I’ll post some pictures of my pinterest tries. Let’s see – Giant Flower, t-shirt bag, etc.


Can’t wait to share!


I do have cards for you guys I promise… But first…


The 1st day of summer is tomorrow!  I love summer!  Figured I would share a few goals and happenings in my life before the card sharing begins.

Summer Craft/Card Goals:

Make more cards!

Send more cards!

Craft more!

Scrapbook more!

Summer Happenings/Goals/Life stuff:

Move closer to God!

More family time and activities!

PRAY more!

Enjoy Life!

Ramp up the Secret Keeper Girls(SKG) group at church!(This is now my main focus in the kids ministry)  Plan to do more FUN activities, Sleepovers, Camp out one night and so much other FUN stuff!

Spread the word about our Card Ministry – for some reason I’m having a hard time getting it to catch on.  Definitely praying about this!


Okay, maybe I’m a little optimistic about summer but… I’m going to try to accomplish a lot in these short 2 months.

Ella is at the beach with Nana and Brad is at work so you WILL have cards tomorrow!  I have SKG tonight and I can’t wait to share my goals with the girls.  In fact I think I’ll have the girls list a few goals for the summer.  Tonight we work on prayer!  I think they are going to be excited to learn that they are my main focus in kids ministry!  I can’t and won’t lose these girls – we will stand together and stand strong!

Thanks for listening to me ramble about Summer Time FUN!

I love you guys!  Camille


Teacher Appreciation Week!


Participated in a “Ladies Night Out” last Friday.  I did sell some but the rest…well I guess you would say the teachers at Ella’s school are enjoying them!  A lot of the ideas came from Pinterest and a lot of the ideas came from little old me.  Hope you enjoy the photos!  Big and little changes happening in my life right now but I promise to start sharing more with you guys!


Enjoy!  And thank you teachers!



Coasters, M & M’s with cute poem, baggie of “emergency stash”, can full of teacher survival stuff, prayer journals, wire wrapped rings, Smarties & Sharpies and so much more!  Email/leave a comment if you need more details!

Feeling Patriotic!



Sorry about the photo quality…. I took it on the run with my phone.  Figured a bad photo was better than nothing!  🙂

Anyway simple simple card!  Great for Memorial Day or July 4th.  I want to add some stars to the blue.  I was just feeling patriotic so thought I would share! Thanks for looking – tomorrows post will have some great ideas for teacher appreciation week!

The new Starter Kit with Stampin Up!

Lower Cost + Complete Customization = The Stampin’ Up! Opportunity is Better Than Ever!

The new standard Starter Kit is here! Now, every new Stampin’ Up! demonstrator can create a customized Starter Kit for just $99. This is just one of the ways Stampin’ Up! is demonstrating the My Way philosophy of doing business-by making the Starter Kit completely customizable.

Give me a call or email if you are interested!  Pretty good deal!

Comments please!


So I’ve been super busy this weekend getting ready for “ladies night out” at Ella’s school.  I have made tons of cards, rings, teacher gifts, etc.  I will post lots of pictures this week – there will be enough ideas to keep you crafting for a long time!  My house is upside down now and family is on their own for dinner – hey I’ve got cards to make!  🙂

So bare with me and check in soon to catch all the pictures!


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