This and That Thursday – Project 3


Yes this week I bring you the Cookie Stamps from Stampin Up!  We made our favorite cookies and stamped away.  They work pretty well – the best way was to stamp the icing after it had harden a little.  (no picture of that one – I ate it  oops).  We tried many different ways but here is the jist of it –

One way:  Press stamp onto cookie dough after you cut it out.

One way:  Roll dough in ball and press out with the stamp.

One way:  Stamp the almost hard icing.

I’m posting pictures of our cookies – we didn’t stamp that many – I always end up in a hurry and just want them done.  So here goes – pictures of dough to finished product.

Cream together Crisco & Sugar

add eggs one at a time

Dough after flour mixture added

wrapped and ready to chill!

rolled out ready to cut

let's get with it!

cookie sheet has seen better days....but you get the idea.

Around here cookies go pretty quick so this was the only "finished" picture I got - sorry, they were beautiful though!

Well there you have it – my take on Stampin Cookies!  Oh, I’ll add my cookie and icing recipe later – you will love it!   Sorry about the layout – my first “cooking” post and so many pictures – I’m just gonna live with it this time – no correcting here!







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