This and That Thursday – Project #1


This and That Thursday

I will try to post something a little different on Thursdays.  So, today I give you a turkey pop and a pumpkin oreo.  I think they are so cute, I made them for our church fall festival and they were a huge hit!  And VERY simple.

Pumpkin:  Oreo (I used the white ones – but it doesn’t matter) dipped in Candy Quick that is tinted orange.  Little squirt of green icing for the stem.  Bag is the clear Wilton style bags you find at HL or Wal-mart.  Stapled a tag on the top that I stamped with the Little Lambs set (117030).
Turkey Pop:  Double Stuffed Oreo as body (has to be double stuffed!!), mini Nutter butter as head (you could use a mini vanilla waffer), candy corn feathers just stick them in, candy corn beak (just break off a piece), decorator icing for eyes, sucker stick – just stick it in!  Use a little icing to secure the beak and head.  Easy right?!  I then put them in the fridge to harden for a little while, took them out and used the same bags as before.  I placed mine in a cute bowl like a bouquet. 

Now it’s your turn!!  Try it – so easy!


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